Acceleration PowerUp Icon

Acceleration Powerup as seen in-game

The Acceleration powerup gives the player a temporary speed boost. This boost is significant and if used properly can allow the player to speed around other players to avoid being shot and attack the opponent from behind.

Icon speed

Acceleration model

Strategy Edit

A Great strategy for this powerup is circleing an enemy while shooting at it. this will make it hard for your target to hit you (unless if your near a wall and they are using a Rocket Launcher which will give splash damage.)

Use this Powerup to escape players using Berserker Shields.

This powerup is also good for escaping and is great for slow players such as Tankers.

Be sure your able to control your armor with this powerup. For example: an Infiltrator may go so fast with this powerup that the player may not be able to control it, or aim well

Acceleration - Berserker Shield - Cloaking Field - Damage Amplifier - Health Recharge - Jet Pack