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a Revalution Clan

Can't join a clan because your skill or rank is too low? Well this is the clan for you. Who really cares about what rank your skill is. Any rank or skill may join as long as you are not just starting the game. We accept all members that friend request kigjakejdj, vertago and dnstrike222.

New video here:


or just search eliminate pro clans on google on first page


dnstrike222(site owner)co leader

rank:69, skill 8200, uses mag rail, vaporizer, hellfire, hook, and hurricane.

kigjakejdj(administrator)co leader

rank 75, skill 7700 uses ripper and magrail(both pro) and gravity hook

ozmaster(administrator)co leader

rank 97, skill 8700, uses titan pro, mag rail pro, gravity hook, etc.


rank:30, skill:3500, uses a lot of weapons


louislopez71 60-70 skill 7300,weapons:Mag-rail pro,Hurricane pro,Gravity hook,Armors:Infiltrator,Albatross,Infantry

vag()ina:rank 41 skill 6108

vertago:rank 26, skill:4290

sunny22222:rank 26, skill3550

james2:rank 20, skill --

asianwithouta:rank:--, skill 3000

vertexs:rank 10, skill 3400

foxykid714:rank 15 skill 2198

barcanumber10:rank 21 skill 2950

bookpage1000:rank 26 skill 3197

boxingchick4:rank 34 skill 2300

brockisbeast:rank 21 skill 1918

ethan2534:rank 45 skill 2204

gringoruso:rank 36 skill 2321

kmaster519:rank 19 skill 824

undefeated827:rank 22 skill 2041 Leaders of Revalution Clan

  • kigjakejdj
  • dnstrike222
  • toxicvoidz
  • ozmaster
  • vertago

We do not have an official leader because toxicvoidz just started playing again after a few months........ so main leaders are kigjakejdj and dnstrike222.

hey im not sure who the leader of revalution is.....but my clan would like to challenge you. my eliminate pro name is -Predators-, and my clan is elite gunners. dont reply on wiki cuz i dont check it often, either download the app palringo and join the group eliminate_pro and message eg_predators there, or send me an email at thanks.

I don't want preds to be the only one issuing this challenge, im in eg with preds and contact us in the group or add justinsean in eliminate

TheObsceneKid 20:07, May 8, 2011 (UTC)

yup........wait who's the leader?

-Predators- 22:51, May 10, 2011 (UTC)

Future Member(list name below and friend request one of the leaders) We want your username, rank, skill, armor, and guns.


  • Clan Description: The Anti-X (Anti-Xplosives) Clan is formed for any players who are against or just annoyed by explosive users (Rocket, Titan, Hellfire, and Stinger) and the cheap airborn+rocket launcher combo, or just good with any other weapons.
  • Requirements: NO EXPLOSIVE WEAPONS ALLOWED. You are free to use any weapons that suit you, same goes for armors and skins. Rank and skill: I don't care, if you're good, join. Make sure your rank and skill are balanced though (as in, if you wanna join, your skill must not be low for your rank. For Example, a rank 20 should be above skill 1500.) If your skill is a bit low, and you're unsure if you can join, just add me for a 1 on 1 match. You don't hafta win, just be good and show some style while you're at it.
  • Leaders and Members:
  1. Leader: X-Fox-Rank 14, Skill 2600

(List will grow soon, please join this clan if you are a skilled player who does not use explosives/hate explosives)

(You can also) Leave Your Eliminate Name Under Here If You Wish To Join

Mickey142 rank 50-60 skill 3200

dnstrike222 rank 55 skill 6400

i cant find the group on palringo

  • 05:56, October 8, 2010 (UTC)Contact Information: Download the Palringo app (also available on the PC) and join the group "Anti-X Clan", or add X-Fox on Eliminate (I am ChrisJFox in the group). Palringo is available for free on the iPod's app store, while the PC version is free to download on the Palringo site. Or add X-Fox on Eliminate and we can talk there.
  • Bounty List: Click here for more info.

Thank You For Reading and Hope You Join The Anti-X Clan

Death Angels

Description: The new group of Eliminate, Death Angels consist of only Albatross, Airborne and Ripper, Hurricane and Mag-Rail weapons.


You must be on often, over 3 times a week AT THE LEAST.

You must have either and Albatross or Airborne, as our clan consists of only players that can jump/fly.

You must have a Ripper, Hurricane or Mag-Rail that must be equipped as your first weapon, and your second weapon may be your choice, but it is preferred you have a Hellfire, Titan or Gravity Hook

You may be any level but with a skill of over 6500

Leaders and Members:
Leaders: Bricksterable (Or Brixstar the other account)

Members: Bricksterable, Brixstar (New Clan, Needs Recruits!)

Contacts: Contact my Email:, OR Add Bricksterable on Eliminate to join

NOTE: I do have a YouTube account for Eliminate if you would like to contact me through YouTube at:


I am a freelance mercenary ready to serve any clan who are willing to hire me.

I won't join your clan. I will just lend my services.

If interested, put you're clan's name at my talk page.

Aqua Knights , and Offworlder are required.

Leaders are magpailproto0 and devinvondol.

Must be rank 10+.

weapons are titan, hurricane, ripper, gravity hook, and hellfie.

Can be in other clans also.

Pro wepons are alloud.

The A Team

Any armor is accepted

must be level 14+

skill level 3000+

no exposives are accepted

Any weapon is accepted but the Auto Rifle and Plasma Cannon


SoulVulcan- rank 14-skill 2500-3000

SilentProtecter- Rank 24-skill 2889-3500

Add leaders above for updates/ Palringo- the "a" team


blue teamEdit


at war with the red team.


  • blue armor
  • kill the reds

join the blue team - leave your name below

  • Kigjakejdj
  • dnstrike222
  • jessetorres32
  • dahtrump
  • Please add me to your team!! How does this clan thing work?



  • Description: Named after the creator, cyclone333
  • Requirements: Infiltrator + Ripper pro. users. Midnight skin recomended. Skill 6900+
  • Leaders/Members:
Cyclone333, rank ~70, skill ~7200
(Join to find out our members)
  • Contact Info: Add cyclone333

Canadian TroopsEdit

  • Description:
  • Requirements: be decent skill for rank-example: Good= Rank 10 1000+skill Rank 20 2000+skill Bad= Rank 64 1000 skill.

-no skill dropping to kill lower ranked n00bs. -Live in Canada. Canadian armour not required but reccomended.

  • Leaders/Members:
    • Members
BlitzEclipse Rank 70+ Skill 7777
nancekivell Rank 50+ Skill 5000+
  • Contact Info: Add one of these members to be tested.
  • so add nancekivell or blitzeclipse today

Could someone add me please? Really want to be in a clan.

Username: carter12345670 Rank: 40 Skill: 5500+ Armor: Infiltrator Weapons: Hurricane Jr., Hellfire Jr.

I like to hit and run alot and is a pretty decent sharpshooter. I'm very good with my weapons. I won't join any clan that refers to a specific thing (i.e. country). I only want to have fun with ppls. Please add me.

I would like to Join a clan.Edit

Name: asdfgh321

Rank: 76

Skill: 7500-8500

The DeadliersEdit

(pronounced dead-a-leers)

The only requirements:

1. Just kill'em all = steal other peoples' credits+health charges + kill them

2. Win it all = Win a majority of your matches

3. Bash 'em all = Shield-bash them

4. Boost it up = Skill must stay above at least 5500 at all times + must log in at least once a week

I don't care about which armor you have, as long as your skill is 5500+ kigjakejdj skill 7300 and up

Leader: kjung777

Rank: 45

Skill: 8000+

Armor: Sniper

Mods: Sprinter 7.8

Platings: Midnight

Primary Weapon: Mag-Rail Proto

Secondary Weapon: Gravity Hook

Kjung317 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


    • provide your skill + rank + armor














simple clan, just gotta beat trippz (lalak3rs16) 2/3 times to join.


TOK: accounts are son-of-tok and justinsean

Trap: accounts are trapstar101 and ccperr01

Trippz: accounts are lalak3rs16 and derek614

Reef: account is reeferchief420

Xbern: account is xberanabus


Perez: acc is wtfperez

download the app palringo (free) from the appstore and join the group eliminate_pro


Elite GunnersEdit

  • Description: Elite gunners is back!
  • Requirements: All members must have 8500+ skill. Before you are officially in, you have to play 3 test matches vs me, (my eliminate name is -Predators-) and win 2/3 of the matches. Please contact me on palringo or add me on eliminate if you want to join. -Predators- 14:31, July 19, 2010 (UTC)
  • Leaders/Members:
-Predators-: Admin
Trapstar101: Admin
n-w-o-n-k-n-u: Moderator (replaced icnspelawsumlee once he quit)
Penguinlin: Member (quit eliminate)
-sandman-: Member (quit eliminate)
Matthew712: Member (quit eliminate)
Appletreeq: Member (quit eliminate)
Armageddon13: Member (quit eliminate)
jimmyy91: Member
TheThermalArmy: Member (quit eliminate but gave his account to -longdick-)
-Longdick-: Member
EPF is a french forum talking about Eliminate Pro !
If your are french Join us !
We are more than 470 members and we have some good players like GGryff, Willy69, Lazer2, Shooter91... and others !
Here is the link : but you have to register and to present yourself if u want to see all the website.

Flower PowerEdit

  • Description: Hi lol! So the flower power name doesnt mean its only for gay people. Lol the main reason i chose it was cuz im a girl and so

I thought, "itd be nice if i added a feminine touch to this game" so yea lol. This is a new clan that ive decided to make so im the only member. Cmon people join!!!!!!!!!

  • Requirements: my requirements is that you have an app call palringo and you add me as a contact and you add flower power as a group.

Theres really no requirements as far as skill but im looking for another administator to help me with the clan. If your interested about the job then Messege me on palringo and ill give you a test and stuff.

  • Contact info:

Eliminate: Shakishotgun Palringo username: Shakishotgun Palringo group: Flower Power

  • Leaders/Members:
shakishotgun: Admin (lol thats me :P)


The GGE is a clan alliance (not a clan)Edit

  • Description: the GGE is a clan alliance (not a clan)that is accepting member clans & individual recruits- no

We currently have:

Division 7

The Vipers

The Assassins

The USA Assassins

Shattered Swords

Elite Gunners

Revalution Clan

The Great 0mdz-Pr0z-9 AllianceEdit

Co leaders: Omdz-xomp of the omdz-xomp clan Chaddjackson12 of The great killers clan Skiiballin4 of the Elim-0-inate-Pr0z-9

Vice leader: Proshadezmader (iPod broken, won't be online for a while. Have to buy a car first. Yeah.)

Admins: Carlosthepro Terroristzero Wait-till-dawn Xxtrumpetmanxx

Members: Tantum John3-16

Requrements: skill 6000+ We encourage sprinters but any armor can join. Also Mag Rail, Auto Rifles and Rippers are advised for the clan.

Change status to our clan name and any line from your favorite song.

Please friend cardinalsrock5 or Proshadezmader for more information and other ways to join....

If you do plan on joining, you must change status to our clan name. Note: if you have lower than 6000 skill you may still join but you must meet certain requirements during a scheduled test session.


[1] ( Heavens Elite warriors)

REQ.50+ Rank 7000+ Skill Any Pro weapon(except menacer,bullet weapons prefered) or vaporizer Armors: ,Infilrator,airborn,sniper

To get in:

Must 1. beat me in a match all req.

Any Recruits may join

Leader: Longstrike rank 62 skill 7921 Armor:sniper/infilrator(maxed) Weapon 1: ripper pro/dual cannon pro/vapo/ weapon 2:Gravity hook

1.kigjakejdj rank 67 skill 7000-8000 infiltor maxed out. Weapons Maga rail/hurikkan,vaporizer.







Leader: KingSTA1300 a.k.a WideOpenforYou

Download Palringo from the app store (free)

Join the group -BackBack™-

Say something and you will be sucked off by the leader.

Tell him Delta-Force sent you.


HLS (High Level Shooters)

  • Clan Discription: Eliminate Pro's Slaughter House
  • Requirements: Primary Weapon: Hurricane J.r., Vaporizer or Plasma J.r.
  • Must have at least a 4 kill per game average
  • Must Be Lvl 10+
  • Must Have a skill raing of atleast 1700
  • New RECURITS Welcomed
  • Leaders and Members:
Admin#1 MoneyNdaBank
Admin#2 dnstrike222- Can I Join?

H1PP0 ClanEdit

  • Description: Exo Aquatic with aqua plating is required. Hurricane, vaporizer or plasma cannon aren't nessecary but are suggested. Tryouts may also be necessary.
  • Requirements:

Newbies who want to join must add , seandayes and luke-murked-you also riverpeth

minimum level 15

Tryouts may also be necessary.

  • Leaders/Members
Hi my username for eliminate is manatees123 and i have exoquatic but i will get aqua plating
  • Contact Info: If you want to join email


I would like to join a clan but i have only have Airborne with midnight plating and and Rocket launcher with 3 warheads with lvl 2 damage i am often on saturday and sunday. sometimes friday and rarely monday or wednesday.

Level 24 skill 1900-3000 Name Polano-X looking for co-op partners aswell Hi add me kigjakejdj



Kilstrike: Rank 50

Skill: 5500-6000

Armor: Airborne

Skin: Midnight

Weapon: Primary: Mag Rail

Secondary: Gravity Hook/Devastator Pro

I am extremely good at sniping(headshots). I would love to join a clan but the clan must be online often every day!!!!

Please i really want to join a clan. Kigjakejdj

Rofl, just sign up on my forum and post a topic here: about you wanting to join. Just put your basic info about your account, and then we'll have someone test you a.s.a.p :). BTW, this is the clan located on the 'N' section. RawrFull 00:07, July 22, 2010 (UTC)

Not to burst your bubble dude, but wrong place to post that. Just go to this add me list.



Midnight ClanEdit
  • Status: INACTIVE

The Morge

As of 7/7/10, The Clan is dead due to disputing among our members; I am currently working on a new clan to make up for this one. Sorry to inform you members and those who were on my waiting list for so long. Sign up for my clan in process here, but due to iOS4’s over active crashing on the many iDevices, I am currently unable to play friend matches, once the iOS4’s issues are resolved, my clan in process will become active. So guidelines are as followed: Rank | 40+, Skill | 6000, Kills Score | 2, apply now and as soon as iOS4 is resolved, we will begin try outs. My stats are, Rank | 81, Armor | Albatross, Weapon | Ripper Pro, Skill | 8300

From | mychemro



Date of Death: 10/11/2010
Leader: RawrFull

Co-Leaders: FlamesFan34, gl0wstick --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

N©®b™ clanEdit

  • Description: this a clan for elite menacer users
  • Requirements: must be rank 60 and have a skill above 9000
  • Leaders/Members:
edgz rank 85 skill 9500
tmoney84 rank 89 skill 9700
angelmorin rank 64 skill 9500
ron456 rank 90 skill 9200
defy8 rank 85 skill 9400
sunil rank 83 skill 9000
davidramirez rank 80 skill 9400
  • Contact Info: add to join hopefully yur good


Gamername: game4ivo

rank: 57

skill: 5109

armor: sentry

Weapons: mag rail pro, hellfire pro



Revalution Clan

Description: Join if you want, if you don't stop reading here, the rest are a lot worse.

At war with all the clans that we feel like being at war with.


Rank 15+


Armor: Any

Weapon: Any

Plating: Any

If you don't like this clan then you won't like the rest.

Leaders:ToxicVoidz(rank 25)

Kigjakejdj (rank 75 skills 7500-8000)

dnstrike222(rank 70) skill about 8200)

Members: James2





The Shadow Clan:


rank: 37

skill: 4900

armo: infiltrator

wepon: hurricane and hook


Rank: 20 or more

Skill: 2,500 or more

Armo: Any armor exept tanker or assault

Weapons: All weapons

If you want to join add me on eliminate my username is alexzamc07 and if you have the nessesary your in.

Go here: become a member and leave in comments your username and info.

red teamEdit


at war with the blue team.


  • red armor
  • kill the blues

join the red team- leave your name below

  • firezbeast
  • dnstrike222
  • turtwig123

Recovery Agents:


  • Rank: 20+ (skill 1600+) *THIS IS A MUST!*
  • Primary Weapon: Longshot (preferred), or any long-ranged or explosive weapon (NO VAPORIZER AT ALL!).
  • Secondary Weapon: Grav. Hook with high rate of fire and range (preferred), or close-ranged/ rapid fire weapon.
  • Armor: Sniper or Sentry with high cloaking (preferred), but any armor works, so long as you work better with your choice.


RecoveryOne (Founder)

Unihornman (2nd in command)

  • Unihornman may not be within all requirements (i.e. Rank & Level), but is an excellent player, and mostly loses to only me, RecoveryOne)



magnaslash rank 33 skill 2k weapons hellfire jr and grav hook.

zomu (my name is more of a serial number) rank 47 skill 2k

*Join if you meet the above requirements*



You need dimond polish, rank 50+, fast armor and no explosive


joenadeau9 rank 51 skill 7400 -longdick- rank 58 skill 7300 (me)
C3sar rank 79 skill 7300


longshots0 (c3sar92 onearmy rocket4u dominican-g)

Shadow Mercenaries:Edit


  • Rank 40+
  • Skill 7000+

No glitching or hacking during test

testing is important

must be online ALOT

must be rank 40 and above

  • Contact Info: For further information go to

LEADERS: -ShadowMerc- and Staticshock213

MLG Sports:

Appearently you exist, but you're so quiet we don't see you on this list.

  • Leaders/Members:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kingluke16 rank a tad over 4300 grate with the Riley laucher and the original gun almost maced out on both of them talk to me soon if u need me email me at call me soon Luke

Sixth Sense:Edit

Requirments: Blood red plating Sniper armor Play a game agianst me

CEO: Squirvel rank 61 and skill about 7.5k as of September 24 2010

We need all recruits need to contact me about joining get textplus and find the community SixthSense. I would prefer no vaporizer and if caught by any one hacking or cheating you will be removed from the clan. Also your skill should probaly be above 2k this highly increases your chances of joining.

New recruits:




  • Last update 07/04/2011 -TeamxResistance-
  • Clan Discription: We aim for the best of the best
  • Requirements: (prefferably) Rank: 75+. Skill: Meet and maintain *8000+. Armor: Sniper (and/or) infiltrator (and/or) Albatross. Weapons: (Recommended) Gravity Hook, Ripper Pro, Mag-Rail Pro, Titan Pro, Vaporizer.
  • Co-Leaders :
  1. Leader#1: INFINITY1523 Rank 80 Skill 9226
  2. Leader'#2': -Xpro- Rank 78 Skill 9013
  3. Leader#3: xXsabermtricsX2 Rank 79 Skill 9086
  • Members : (under no certain order)
  1. qwertystefan123
  2. Qsballn8
  3. craft4
  4. (pro)-willy5802
  5. iLovEeeeeBU
  6. Haze1313
  7. Joshua78960
  8. k0rasi
  • Contact Info: Add either leader and prepare for a 1v1 match (or) add username under the bullets below [in addition to current rank and skill]

The Pack.

This is a clan for lower level-highly skilled players below rank 30. You must be able to easily beat higher level players without spamming powerups. Any weapons and armors are accepted but infiltrator is reccomended because of its insane speed and high targeting. Currently we have no members because this clan has just started. If you are interested in joining leave your name below this paragraph and I'll add you to the clan. Remember, the level doesn't matter- Only the skills. We'll use team tactics to take on other clans with higher level people. This clan IS COMPETITIVE and I plan to fight lots of other clans........

Leader is coyote911, rank 11 skill 4000.

Wanna Join??? Leave your name here.------->da-police, dnstrike222



  • Description: JOIN TODAY, WIN TOMORROW.
  • Requirements: No requirements for this clan other than being at least rank 20, and having a skill of 3000 or above.

This clan is now disbanded until further notice.

-deadly453 kigjakejdj


THE UNKNOWNS------> are dead like every other clan in EP (signed by former member)Edit

*Description: *

  • Requirements:

Have a skill of 5,000 or higher, and be above rank 30, though the higher skill and rank the better.

Contact our leader tttpro and request to join, and friend everyone else in the clan.

We have private training matches and credit hauling were you can reach up to 200 credits.

We're a clan with over 20 members, each member, is elite, unique, and deadly. The clan is a strong ally of another elite clan Silent Death, which shares many of the same mindsets.

All weapons, armor, and playing styles are allowed as long as you are really, really good with them.

Put your name down below and I will use that to contact tttpro. I PolarisSpark am second in command as well as user ronansyke both elite and trusted members.

  • Leaders/Members:

Luckystrike16 (Rank- 64 and Skill- 5500+)
PuR3xR4p3 (rank - 28 and skill - 5150+)
Sparks16(Rank-46 / Skill 6000)

**Feszaa (Rank66 / skill:5500+) ADD ME **


The VipersEdit

Created by ZarthG

(Blog URL for Vipers to chill:

Absolutely no requirements for Clan (Once you add ZarthG you are part of the clan)

Remember to add everyone!!!

  • ZarthG -clan author/head admin
  • Bondzox -clan admin/maintenance
  • Usurper7 -clan admin/updater
  • Vortextoonlink -clan admin/head of advertising
  • Oasis2 -clan admin/battle manager
  • Armouredknight -clan (pre-admin) member
  • Shawn93 -clan (pre-admin) member
  • Nitroburst -clan member
  • RidgeRacer55 -clan member
  • DanKno/DanKno2 -clan member
  • carter12345670 - clan member
  • Kyby41 -clan member
  • xxxnitroxxx -clan member
  • Detonx -clan member
  • Finbrown -clan member
  • Admiraldonut -clan member
  • Dllasz0 -clan member
  • Skateguy8 -clan member
  • Holt467 -clan member
  • D1RTYBA5TARD -clan member
  • codmw242 -clan member
  • ayodeji -clan member
  • XInfiltratorX -clan member
  • Kushala5 -clan member
  • Timeandspace0 -clan member

Put your name under this line or contact us on our website to join!

  • moo158 rank 61 skill 6000-7000 sniper, vaporizer, dual cannon pro or hurricain pro.
  • dnstrike222 rank 30 skill 3000-4000 any weapon.
  • killj0y rank 13 skill 2100 hellfire jr, gravity hook with albatross armor and blood plating

Hey, nitroburst here. To be honest, this clan is pretty much dead, but feel free to add some of us. You might catch me online every now and then.


This is the recent most advance clans there is on Eliminate Pro. Like anyone I didn't become a big-shot over night. Now I'm over 9000s skills.I fought with most of the top-guys that are on the top global skills and ranks. I can help other's at Co-Op mode. Down at the description tell me what you got. For now I don't care what rank, skill or weapon you own. You can Join without any special requirements. Just PM me about this. The toughest clan on Eliminate Pro was *Cell 107* by terrorist, o I am awaiting alliance partner ship Please comment all you want but add me as friend.

Leader: lilt94373 (Me)

Assistants: (Add them)








kigjakejdj- rank 67 skill 7000-8000 amor would be better if this game was updated for 4.3 but im still pretty good fully upgraded infilitor, weapons- Mag rail pro, maxed out vaporizer, hurikkae pro, auto rifle, and last but not least maxed out vaporizer





Other (#)Edit