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The Albatross


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Multidirectional propulsion tech built on a light, agile armor set for enhanced jump and speed performance.


New armor rig released by ngmoco:) on March 18th that emphasizes speed (agility) and jump capability.

Base Stats increases/decreases aren't listed in the buy description, but appears to be ++JMP, ++SPD, -DEF and +TS

Requires Rank 10 and costs 370 Credits.

This armor is second in both speed and jump. Also one of the best armors along with infiltrator and sniper. The Albatross is only +5 speed shy from tying with the Infiltrator. Unlike the Airborne armor, which specializes in jumping height, the Albatross specializes in jumping distance. The speed and jump allows a user to launch themselves at an opponent as if he's attacking, jump, and flee his opponent through a feint or turn around and deal significant damage before his opponent is able to fire back.

Because of both the high speed and high jump, it should be noted that the Albatross armor requires much more credits to upgrade compared to the Infiltrator or the Airborne. A level 5 speed upgrade of the Albatross requires 475c and rank 40 whereas the infiltrator's level 5 speed upgrade costs 160c (level 10 speed upgrade=350c still significantly lower that a level 5 upgrade of Albatross). The Albatross will require more play time (to reach required level for upgrades) and credits pumped into it to fully upgrade this armor and therefore is not recommended for beginners. In the long-run, this is a very promising armor if you are a fan of both the Airborne and the Infiltrator, and are familiar with using jumping maneuvers while fighting against opponents on the ground.( It should be noted that to fully upgrade this armour will cost 22,650 credits.) Even though this armor is expensive it is truly worth it in the end. Coming from a Pro you are better off with this armor then any other this is the best armor in the game.

Base StatsEdit

  • Shielding: +0
  • Targeting: Adequate (note that it says assault targeting)
  • Speed: +13
  • Jump: +22
  • Aquatics: +3
  • PowerUp: +2

Max StatsEdit

  • Shielding: +27
  • Targeting: Enhanced, rumoured to be 20. Test results here
  • Speed: +44
  • Jump: +70
  • Aquatics: +32
  • PowerUp: +16

Cost for each upgradeEdit

Shielding 85c 180c 270c 365c 475c 515c 555c 580c 700c
Targeting 50c 100c 130c 195c 280c 345c 390c 415c 500c
Speed 85c 180c 270c 365c 475c 515c 555c 580c 700c
Jump 85c 180c 270c 365c 475c 515c 555c 580c 700c
Aquatics 32c 60c 85c 115c 160c 190c 220c 235c 350c
Powerup 50c 100c 130c 195c 280c 345c 390c 415c


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