Antimatter Jet
Antimatter Jet
The Antimatter Jet.

Game description

Dark energy vortices expelled in rapid bursts. Deflected by structural materials; ruptures on contact.



Rank required



Devastator Jr., Devastator Pro

Of all the weapons available from Arsenal Megacorp, the Antimatter Jet and it's variations are definitely the strangest. Rather than traditional weaponry that fires rounds, rockets or lasers, this gun fires large dark globules called antimatter.

The gun itself has a medium amount of damage considering when it is obtainable, a decent rate of fire, and even splash damage. The globules of antimatter fired also travel quite slowly compared to other weapons and have a range limit - they will disappear after a certain amount of time. As the globules dissipate, they send off a small explosion. However, the explosion is so small, a player has to be practically next to the globule to be affected. The large size of the balls make them perfect for hallways and for this fact with others it is quite susceptible to spamming in corridors, closed spaces or for camping (like the Beserker Shield in Lift).

The antimatter itself is also quite a wonder, with much potential for strategy. It is able to bounce off surfaces any amount of times (the angle it is hits the surface at is the angle it bounces off at), but the limit is the globules will dissipate after a certain amount of time. With this in mind, it is possible to hit players around corners or structures and users are able to essentially create impromtu barriers to corner foes or just cut them off for escape. Antimatter jets generally work best with players below rank 10, for they are not experienced enough to dodge the bullets of anitmatter and does not have a stronger weapon. Chances are, you'll kill them first before they get to shoot back, or realize where the globules are coming from.

Beware that it is entirely possible to run into your own shots with the speed the globules move at. In rare occurences, it is also possible to deflect the antimatter with weapons such as the gravity hook, auto rifle/mag-rail and another antimatter jet.

Eliminate antimatter gun firing path

Antimatter Gun Firing path


Utilise the ability to bounce off surfaces to your advantage.
This means you can hit players from around a corner or behind an object to avoid being attacked too. It is common for players to be standing closeby to a battle behind a wall or protection of some sort and be spamming the antimatter jet into the battle. This is quite effective in getting kills but be sure to watch your back in case of a surp

rise attack.

The ability to create barriers also has a lot of potential as you are able to hold off an area for camping needs (Beseker Shield) or to just escape. [1]
There are many spaces to be found where spamming the Antimatter Jet is effective but it is not a good idea to stay in the same place for so long as you will not get many kills. It is also very effective in water as movement is reduced and the globules are quite large.


Base L1 / cost / lvl req L2 / cost / lvl req L3 / cost / lvl req L4 / cost / lvl req L5 / cost / lvl req
Damage 15 16 50c 8 17 100c 11 18 130c 15 19 195c 19 20 280c 24
Capacity 4 4 85c 8 5 180c 11 5 270c 15 5 365c 19 6 475c 24
Rate of Fire L0 L1 85c 8 L2 180c 11 L3 270c 15 L4 365c 19 L5 475c 24
Zoom L0 L1 32c 8 L2 _c 11 L3 _c 15 L4 _c 19 L5 _c 24
Reload L0 L1 50c 8 L2 100c 11 L3 130c 15 L4 195c 19 L5 280c 24

L6 / cost / lvl req L7 / cost / lvl req L8 / cost / lvl req L9 / cost / lvl req
Damage 21 345c 29 22 390c 34 23 415c 40 24 500c 46
Capacity 6 515c 29 6 555c 34 7 580c 40 7 700c 46
Rate of Fire L6 515c 29 L7 555c 34 L8 580c 40 L9 700c 46
Zoom L6 _c 29 L7 ___c 34 L8 ___c 40 L9 ___c 46
Reload L6 345c 29 L7 390c 34 L8 415c 40 L9 500c 46


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