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Arsenal Megacorp is the fictional corporation behind Eliminate, providing all of the game's storyline. They are a weapon and armor supplier about 500 years in the future, supplying to the United Governments of the World.[1] They are most known for their work with Project Eliminate, an armaments testing program.

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Arsenal Megacorp's most well-known works is with Project Eliminate, their flagship armaments testing program. Volunteers may test weapons and armor in regulated combat scenarios, or may help Arsenal Megacorp eradicate rogue battle drones. Volunteers are compensated for their efforts with credits, which they may use to upgrade their gear.

The project was first announced to the public on October 24, 2077 under the name LiveFire.[2] Its name was later changed to KillTest[3], and became known as Project Eliminate by its public release on October 3, 2009.[4]

Soon after Eliminate's public release, Stonewick stepped down as CEO, and was replaced by Chris Plummer.[5]

As employees worked, they were given access to new testing arenas (like Knox and Runoff) and weapons.[6]

The Omega incident occurred on January 22, 2510. Prototype battle drones went rogue in the Omega facility.[7] On March 12, 2010, employees were able to help Arsenal Megacorp eradicate these drones.[8]

Building Layout Edit


A map of the second floor of Arsenal Megacorp, as seen in the Junction area.

Very little is known about the building layout of Arsenal Megacorp (and there may be more than one building).

There is a map in the Junction area which outlines what looks like the second floor. It is unclear where Junction lies on that map (if at all). It is presumed that both Junction and Annex are near the Omega facility and Block 12 East; rogue battle drones were said to be near these two places as the Omega incident unfolded.

Courtyard has the exact same map as in Junction and Annex.

Factory has a door with a big "09E" on it, as does Knox. They may be connected, or they may just share a similar door.

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