Awards are given to players who accomplish certain feats in Eliminate. All awards are synced with your Plus+ account. Whenever you get an award in Eliminate (or any other Plus+ game), you get the indicated number of points as a reward. These points level up your Plus+ account when you get enough of them, but do not affect your individual Eliminate rank. You can check on your Plus+ level and awards from the Plus+ button in the right hand corner of the screen in the Eliminate main menu.

Awards List Edit

Award Description Points


10 kills 5
Engaged 100 kills 15
Brazen 1000 kills 50


10000 kills 100


10 first place finishes 25
Accomplished 100 first place finishes 55
Pro 500 first place finishes 125
Legendary 1200 first place finishes 400
Director attain level 15 100
Executive attain level 30 300
CEO attain level 50 350
Tested 100 games played 25
Committed 500 games played 50
Dedicated 1000 games played 250
Master 2000 games played 350
Elusive complete 1 round without dying 10
Fortified complete a match with no deaths using fully upgraded armor 45
Proficient win a match using a fully upgraded weapon 45
Revered placed in top 10 on global rankings 250
Ultimate place first in the global skill leaderboard 450
Group President Reach Rank 70 75
Chairman Reach Rank 85 100
Executive Chairman Reach Rank 100 200
Drone Hunter Destroy 100 Battle Drones in CO-OP Mode 75
Drone Killing Specialist Destroy 3,000 Battle Drones in CO-OP Mode 100
Drone Eradication Expert Destroy 50,000 Battle Drones in CO-OP Mode 200
Team Leader Play 100 CO-OP games 75
Team Director Play 1000 CO-OP Games 100
Team President Play 2000 CO-OP games 200
Exterminator Win 1 CO-OP Game 75
Senior Exterminator Win 100 CO-OP Games 100
Executive Exterminator Win 1000 CO-OP games 200

Glitches Edit

  • Sometimes Plus+ skill, kills, and Games Won stats are slightly behind the player's actual stats, meaning there may be a delay before you win your award.
  • Sometimes people will "accidentally" receive the Revered and Ultimate award. These are the two hardest awards to get in the game.

    Eliminate Award glitch, awarding both Revered and Ultimate.