Battle drones are hostile robotic units appearing in the Co-op mode of Eliminate(Some have been seen in deathmatches). According to the storyline, the experimental artificially intellegent robots defied command and rebelled, constructing more units and gaining access to weapons (Up to Rocket Launcher Pro's. Despite containment efforts, the drones broke away and began infiltrating battle facilities, threatening the very existence of Arsenel Megacorp. Hoping to resolve the matter, CEO Chris Plummer dispatched volunteer employees to destroy the drone threat and save the facilities at risk (That would be all of them).


  • Auto Rifle [drone color pattern: gray with pink on top]: Minimal damage, but accurate from all ranges.
  • Plasma Cannon [drone color: green ]: Most lethal at close range, however it is still relatively accurate at medium range.
  • Antimatter Jet [drone color: red]: Rapid fire and quick reload, and while effective at close range, can be dodged by players with foresight.
  • Vaporizer [drone color: gray] High accuracy and damage, but slow reload rate. Seek cover after their 3-5 bursts have been fired, then return fire.
  • Rocket Launcher [drone color: yellow]: Fires 2 precise rockets at a time with heavy damage.

Note: When faced with multiple drones with a variety of weapons, it is most effective to destroy them in this order: [1]Rocket Launcher [2]Vaporizer [3]Antimatter Jet [4]Auto Rifle [5]Plasma Cannon.

Battle Drone Types

Type A

Type A drone

Type A drone

Health: Low

  • Weakest armor of all drones.
  • Reduced size requires precise aim.
  • Most likely to be using an Auto Rifle or Antimatter Jet.

Type B

Health: Medium

  • Moderately-armored drones.
  • Most likely to be using a Plasma Cannon or Vaporizer.

Type C

Health: High

  • Heaviest armor of all drones.
  • Easiest target of all due to very large size.
  • Most likely to be using a Rocket Launcher.
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