This strategy is a quick way to gun down anyone. Heres how it goes:

  1. Find your target, try to find one that does not see you or is standing still. Also, try and kill somebody that is trying to kill another, as he is weakened and the person that was trying to kill the guy you killed, also is weakened.
  2. Charge at them, it will cause them to try to run backwards. the closer you are the more powerfull your shots are. Look out for Vaporizers and Hurricanes because it gives them an advantage when you charge at them.
  3. Stop once you have gotten close to your target. (To get good aim)
  4. Aim for their head if you have a bullet weapon, aim for the feet if explosives, and aim in where ever you feel most comfortable with the Vaporizer.

Try to get your target trapped in a corner, then he will be trapped and most likely killed in a blink of an eye. Trust me on this, it works 75-90% of the time

Use the Mag-Rail or Hurricane in this strategy. It's best to have an armor with good targeting, sheild and speed. Infantry, Assault and Infiltrator are recomended for this. In addition use the Titan Pro it has high damage combined with large splash radius and damage make this the best way to do this. A strategy is to grab a cloaking field and hit them right in front of you instantly you'll have credits and get healed at the same time :D!

WARNING: People with Vaporizers or Rocket Launchers are tougher to kill.