A method of play that puts two players against flying drones, which can drop Loot. Gameplay can be seen on the eliminate blog[[1]].

The two players have three minutes to clear seven swarms of rogue battle drones, a total of 24-26 enemies. Bosses must be fought in order to complete the seven swarms, the bosses are rogue prototype bots holding prototype weaponry such as the Titan. The bosses are fought during waves three or four and seven.

Update:Recently ngmoco has made an improvement to ACCURACY of every drone in the game to make the game mode more challenging and fun, so you will have to get running/dodging or be shot down. Avoid being trapped by groups of drones! Drones armed with AMJ/Vaporizer/Auto Rifle have become a bigger threat now! Careful out there!



There are six CO-OP Maps, Annex, Junction, Courtyard, Rooftop, Factory, and Warehouse. These are different from PVP maps in that there are no powerups, and you always respawn at the same place. In All Maps, the enemies will converge onto the main room, however, it may be faster to try to anticipate the enemies by going off to the side rooms. Beware, this does take time, and Co-Op can be completed without venturing from the main room in the alloted time

Spawn PointsEdit

All Bots spawn at certain locations


  • At then end of the middle corridor
  • Back Left Corner
  • Back Right Corner


  • The back left corner
  • The back right corner
  • The area next to the lift in the back of the map
  • The sniping ledge


  • The east corner w/ the doors
  • The south corner w/ the doors
  • The large platform across from the Eliminate insignia


  • The highest catwalk
  • Near the high elevator
  • On the platform below your spawn point
IMG 0139 (2) factory


  • In the corridor below the helipad
  • In the back corridor
  • In the gap next to your spawn point
  • In front of the elevator that goes up to the sniping ledge


  • On the top of the elevator in the back warehouse room
  • In the back warehouse room(on the ground)
  • In the warehouse room left of the main hallway


Battle Drones have a decent chance of dropping 1 Credit, but can also drop Berserker Shields, Damage Amplifiers, Health Recharges and other Loot.

Bosses will drop multiple credits (between 2 and 5).

Players can be awarded a Progress Bonus of credits for defeating certain, more challenging waves of enemies. And both Players are awarded an Extermination Bonus of loot if all enemies are destroyed in three minutes and two seconds or less (due to the delay ending of match by two seconds).


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