Credits that are dropped by killed foes.

Credits are the currency in Eliminate. They are used to purchase and upgrade equipment, from weapons to armors to prototypes.
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Credit model

How credits are earned Edit

Credits are earned in a variety of ways. A player cannot earn credits unless their suit is energized.

  • Placing in matches - Players earn more credits when they win than when they lose, though players will still get credits even if they get no kills.
  • Picking them up from killed opponents - When a player dies, they drop 3 credits that stay in the game until a player picks them up. They are worth 1 credit each.
  • Looting dead bodies of foes - When a player dies, they (sometimes) leave a dead body. Players can stand on top of it, shake your device, and receive up to 15 credits.
  • Exchanging them for power cells - In the shop, players can sell power cells for credits. (15 cells for 100C, 45 cells for 350C, 120 cells for 1000 and 275 cells for 2500 credits.)
  • Special offers - There are sometimes special offers (such as other iPhone applications) that can be downloaded for credits or power cells.