Damage Amplifier PowerUp Icon

The Damage Amplifier powerup as seen in-game

The Damage Amplifier is another useful power up found in Eliminate. Once picked up, it boosts the damage of the player's equipped gun about three times, making it produce more firepower. A player can be easily spotted if using a Damage Amplifier if the player's weapon is glowing blue. Only the weapon glows blue, unlike the Berserker Shield which makes the entire player's armor glow blue. The Damage Amplifier is a long lasting power up unlike the Berserker Shield. While a player has the Damage Amplifier and a Vaporizer the player can easly one hit a target if the damage in upgraded enugh.

Icon damage

Damage Amplifier model

Strategies Edit

Pick this up in the beginning of a match in the Bedlam map, so you will get a early lead.

If you have the Airborne Armor, the Damage Amplifier in the Knox facility is mostly not taken, so you can jump and grab it every time.

With sniper armor and a vaporizer it is a good idea to get a Damage Amplifier power up if you see one. This is because almost always you will one hit a target unless you have 51 damage or less you will not one hit a tanker.

Hellfire users, this powerup is your best friend. With a Damage Amplifier, Even the splash damage could one-hit kill a Tanker (given the right circumstances.)

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