Devastator Pro
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The Devastator Pro.

Game description

Pro series: Dense dark energy blasts with amplified damage. Upgradeable. Evolved from a level 9 Devastator Jr.



Rank required


Derived from

Antimatter Jet

The DAM-70 Devastator Pro shoots out small antimatter orbs that deal more damage than usual. It starts at level 10 and is upgradeable to level 19.

Built on the proven Antimatter Jet platform, the cutting-edge DEVASTATOR features dual, reinforced containment fields capable of unleashing higher power antimatter vortices than its faster-firing predecessor, inflicting even greater damage. The DEVASTATOR’s breakthrough containment fields also enable this weapon to deliver more devastating shots per clip before reloading.

Arguably the best retreat and area-denial weapon ever conceived by Arsenal Designers, the DEVESTATOR is on track for release later this week. Like the TITAN, the DEVESTATOR comes in two flavors. The AM-33 DEVESTATOR JR is fully-upgradable and highly effective for employees rank 6 to Rank 50. The AM-70 DEVESTATOR PRO, available exclusively to decorated employees rank 50 and above, comes standard with state-of-the-art components equivalent in power to a fully-equipped AM-33 with maximum upgrades across the board. The DEVASTATOR PRO has the capacity to accommodate nine additional upgrade levels for our most elite combatants. [1]


  1. Chris of ngmoco. "Let them eat Antimatter"
Antimatter Jet (Devastator) - Auto-Rifle (Mag-Rail) - Gravity Hook - Hellfire - The Hurricane - Menacer - Plasma Cannon (DualCannon) - Ripper - Rocket Launcher (Titan, AP) - Stinger - Vaporizer

I have no idea how to edit but the devastators damage goes up in increments of two