Requires rank 50 and costs 3400 credits.
Dualcannon jr

Dual Cannon Pro

The Dual Cannon Pro is an extension of the Dual Cannon Jr., and takes on the appearance of the Plasma Cannon. The Plasma Cannon and Dual Cannon work in the same way, they are the shotgun equivalents of the game and shoot 4 nodes in one shot. There are a few differences however, which lie in the rate of fire, damage and clip size. The Dual Cannon Pro has a starting clip size of 3 (4 when maxed) to compensate of it's power and rapid rate of fire. It fires each shot one after another straight away and it's base damage is over double the Plasma Cannon's, ending up to be over 4 times as powerful when fully upgraded.

Despite these differences it still shares the cons of the Plasma Cannon in that the nodes in each shot spread greatly over distance and are quite inaccurate. Because of this, the gun is only for close-quarters combat, but even then it is still hard to use because moving targets are difficult to hit up close.

The gun has one of the highest damages in the game, so, with a good shot, this gun becomes extremely deadly.


Essentially being a shotgun, you'll need to get up close to a player. With it's power you'll only need 2 or so full shots (1 with damage amplifier) to kill a player which shouldn't be hard considering the rate of fire if you are up close. It is recommended you use a fast armor like the Infiltrator so you can get closer to players quickly or use the Sprinter mod for other armors.It is effective against slow armours like Tanker or Assault.

This gun requires precise aiming despite the rapid rate of fire because it is weak if only 1 node of the 4 hits a player. It is also requires a lot of practice and experience to use effectively as hitting moving targets is difficult and by the time you get this gun, everyone you play will have fully upgraded armor.

Watch out for Devestator/Menacer users, it can be difficult to approach them. You might want to use Ripper or mag-rail as a backup weapon as a counter-measure.


Base L11 / Cost L12 / Cost L13 / Cost L14 / Cost L15 / Cost L16 / Cost L17 / Cost L18 / Cost L19 / Cost
Damage 64 70 735c 74 790c 78 840c 82 880c 86 915c 90 945c 94 965c 98 102
Ammo 3 3 550c 3 590c 3 625c 3 660c 3 695c 3 730c 3 755c 3 4
Rate of Fire L10 L11 550c L12 590c L13 625c L14 660c L15 695c L16 730c L17 755c L18 L19
Zoom L10 L11 550c L12 590c L13 625c L14 660c L15 695c L16 730c L17 755c L18 L19
Reload L10 L11 735c L12 790c L13 840c L14 880c L15 915c L16 945c L17 965c L18 L19

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