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Eliminate Pro (also known as Eliminate) is a multiplayer first-person shooter developed for the iPhone and iPod Touch by ngmoco. Players are employees for the clandestine Arsenal Megacorp, a weapons-testing company. It works on a freemium model; while players can play the game without spending money, they can earn credits more quickly if they spend money. The game is played through the Plus+ social network.

(This game is no longer in Apple's appstore for some reason)

Gameplay Edit

Players use half of the screen as a joystick to move around. The other side is used for aiming and firing your weapon. There are also jump, weapon switch, and menu buttons.

Players have their own armor and can hold two weapons (which they must purchase and upgrade from the store). They then must kill all of other players to win. When playing, players earn credits, which help them buy and upgrade their equipment.

Players start with a fully-charged suit. They can earn credits when playing games, but playing games make them lose this energy charge. When the suit runs out of charge, players can continue to play but must wait to earn credits. They can also purchase power cells (with "real" money) and use them to recharge their suit to continue earning credits.

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