Credits in DeathmatchEdit

Dear colleagues, have you ever been in a game with ENERGY, and when you kill someone for the credits,some chap rushes along and loots it away? And there you are, cursing at him?

And when the game has ended, you check his name and realise he doesn't have energy to begin with and he steals them? My fellow colleagues, we should adopt a "giving and caring" attitude. (If you think about it, it's a pretty good technique when you do have energy. I call it pirating ;) Rivengle 14:53, April 11, 2010 (UTC)) Next time,if you have no energy, and your enemy drops credits, let those with energy take them, rather than wasting the credits. If everyone adopts this caring attitude, i'm sure everyone.

would find Eliminate Pro a much more fun a game, and PLUS+ credits will also be easier to earn. So let's spread the joy and share.

Credits and Items in Co-opEdit

"Yes!"(You have killed infiltrator protype iv)"Wow!I see LOTS of credits..OMG! An item!" *goes forward to take them*

Suddenly,your teammate rushes forward and snaps it away from you. Credits and all.=C

And at the end of the game, you realise he has NO energy!! The item and credits are COMPLETELY WASTED!='C

My dear colleagues,if that were to happened to you, you would feel very sad and disappointed right? So,when you have no credits and is bored,and you joined a Co-op game to play,

please let ALL credits and items dropped be left for your teammate WITH ENERGY to take. Some of us don't buy powercells due to lack of financial support.And by stealing the items away,

you are in fact wasting their Energy/Powercells. So please, be gracious and everyone will start adopting your attitude. I'm sure everyone would like to play Eliminate Pro without worrying about


Yours Sincerely,


With regard to items in co-op, I find it incredibly annoying when a no energy person takes an item, but since usually only the one who scored the kill can get the loot, (except for powercells which either player can grab) a person without energy should try to avoid killing the "boss" enemies, since they are usually the ones to drop items. Instead focus on the drones which sometimes come along with the "boss".Jobriq 21:18, April 11, 2010 (UTC)