Amphibious armor with improved mobility under water. The improved mobility under water gives you an advantage on maps with water such as Tank and Flood. Equipped with improved targeting sensors as well. This armor has air tanks, so you can't drown under water. And it also jumps higher than any other armor, except airborne.

Requires level 6 and 300 credits. Base stats are: ++SWM, +JMP +SPD +TS (Ignore the in-game info; there are the correct stats)

Improved targeting sensors increase the damage of your equipped weapon.

Exoquatic pros/consEdit

Exoquatic may be one the best armors in the game because it has no debuffs whatsoever. Most people believe that the armor is disadvantageous to use because of the few water levels. The Exoquatic can move as fast as most of the other armor except for the Airborne, Infiltrator, and Albatross but the under water upgrade allows you to trap most people in Rig and Runoff and chase after them, while the other people make a failing attempt to escape. Another pro is that this armor does not have any weak stats, so that allows you to take on the fast people and outrun the heavily armored ones. The Exoquatic has the fourth best speed and the fourth best jump ability which makes it a good armor for people who like to be balanced. The one disadvantage is that you are still in standard armor in a manner of speaking, so you have to acknowledge that you're in standard armor and still have to think on your feet. You're also one of the rarest targets and may be picked on. 

Weapons and ModsEdit

Choose your weapons carefully with this armor. Other armors, like the ever-popular Infiltrator, has a massive edge in both targeting and speed; for the most part, it is a stronger armor. In the case that you face a skilled operator of the Infiltrator, exploit its lower shielding stat if anything.

In terms of stats, this armor can be considered somewhat of a direct upgrade from Standard, and a close relative to Sentry. Problem is, it completely lacks the stat boosts that, say, Infiltrator (+SPD, +TS) has, leaving it versatile yet lacking. Basically, applying a Mod from the shop will grant a boost in one of the abilities from other armors that Exoquatic doesn't have.

Base Stats:Edit

  • Shielding: +2
  • Targeting: +3
  • Speed: +13
  • Jump: +18
  • Aquatics: +30
  • PowerUp: +2
Elipro 001

Fully Upgraded Exoaquatic Armor

Max Upgrade Stats:Edit

  • Shielding: +32
  • Targeting: +16
  • Speed: +33(+42 with speed mod)
  • Jump: +65
  • Aquatics: +82
  • PowerUp: +16

Credits Required For First Upgrade:Edit

  • Shielding: 50
  • Targeting: 50
  • Speed: 32
  • Jump: 32
  • Aquatics: 32
  • PowerUp: 50

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