Speed Infiltrator Dodging Edit

The most common 9k loadout is arguably the Infiltrator with a speed modification. The Infiltrator/Magrail set alone has been lauded as one of the most lethal sets in Eliminate; many experienced players know this and have a large advantage over beginners.

However, when you see a cyan Infiltrator zoom across your screen, know that you're now up against the Infiltrator/Magrail set on crack. This is your worst nightmare's worst nightmare. The previously deadly set has now been granted additional speed and evasive power; if you couldn't hit one before, good luck getting any hit on a Speed Infiltrator.

Here are some tips that might help in dealing with Speed Infiltrators:

1. Increase your aiming sensitivity in the options menu; this will allow your aiming to keep up with the opponent's speed.

2. Never get cornered. Keep in mind that this is a key strategy in any FPS.

3. Get your own Speed Infiltrator/Magrail set.

4. Have a fast firing gun (Hurricane/mag-rail), this will allow you to charge them if the odds seem pretty fair.

5. Use a weapon that was made to combat speedy sets, like the Antimatter Jet or explosive weapons.

6. Have a gravity hook ready. This is one another general rule of thumb.

7. Be near an acceleration power-up. Can be hard, since Speed Infiltrators often hog powerups

8. Tr y to figure out the opponent's strategy to predict their next move.

9. Instead of using a zig zag motion to dodge fire, use a combination of staying still, jumping and zig zag.

10. Don't seek revenge! A player that has recieved a fresh kill will be on the recovery and will be difficult to kill.