The Advertisement for the Hellfire Grenade Launcher

Requires rank 53 and 3850 credits.
After buying it, there is a glitch that will display your character as if you had just started out, Rank 1, Skill 0 and 0 credits. To restore your stats, simply play a game and when you return everything will be back. Recycle value: 962 credits (with no upgrades).

In-game description:

"Pressure sensitive frag grenades detonate on impact with massive splash damage."

The Hellfire Pro is a weapon developed by Arsenal Megacorp; it is the equivalent of a grenade launcher. It is an upgradeable weapon. This is the first weapon released by Arsenal Megacorp to feature projectiles that move in a parabolic path (an arc). This limits the range of the HellFire tremendously. However, this is balanced by its massive damage. In addition, the parabolic path can be advantageous, directly hitting opponents hiding behind a wall or who are not in your line of sight. On the large sniping platform in Courtyard, it is possible to stand at the very back of the platform and still get shots off at opponents who cannot return them, not even with rockets or an Antimatter Jet.


This gun is different from the others offered by Arsenal Megacorp in the way that it fires. This gun resembles a grenade launcher, firing in an arc, but it is quiet steep in game. To compensate for this you must fire very high up, limiting the gun's range in more compact rooms like the central room of Tank. If you are using it, it is recommended you practice aiming a lot to understand the height you must fire for a certain distance and also have a secondary combat weapon to use in compact maps and rooms.

The Hellfire Pro has a very slow rate of fire (the second slowest, after the Longshot) but makes up as being the strongest gun in the game by far from scratch, with an obscenely high base damage of +98. To put that in perspective, a fully upgraded Titan is +94. The splash damage is also powerful, dealing more than half the damage of the weapon itself and has quite a big range. A direct hit with this weapon is almost sure to instantly kill a player and even if you miss the splash damage is very considerable. A player killed by a direct hit with this weapon will disappear (no blood or splattering) so looting will be impossible.


Base L11 / cost / lvl req L12 / cost / lvl req L13 / cost / lvl req L14 / cost / lvl req L15 / cost / lvl req
Damage 96 98 550c 57 100 590c 62 102 625c 67 104 660c 72 106 695c 77
Ammo Rack 4 4 550c 54 4 590c 59 5 625c 64 5 660c 69 5 695c 74
Rate of Fire L10 L11 735c 55 L12 790c 60 L13 840c 65 L14 880c 70 L15 915c 75
Zoom L10 L11 550c 58 L12 590c 63 L13 625c 68 L14 660c 73 L15 695c 78
Reload L10 L11 735c 56 L12 790c 61 L13 840c 66 L14 880c 71 L15 915c 76

L16 / cost / lvl req L17 / cost / lvl req L18 / cost / lvl req L19 / cost / lvl req
Damage 108 730c 82 109 755c 87 110 780c 92 111 795c 97
Ammo Rack 6 730c 79 6 755c 84 6 780c 89 7 795c 94
Rate of Fire L16 945c 80 L17 960c 85 L18 980c 90 L19 990c 95
Zoom L16 730c 83 L17 755c 88 L18 780c 93 L19 795c 98
Reload L16 945c 81 L17 960c 86 L18 980c 91 L19 990c 96

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