Sometimes during a deathmatch you might end up fighting a Cutter. Cutters are people that comit suiside and have fatal accidents on purpose to lower their skill. Why do they do this because deathmatches are setup according to skill, not rank.

This lowers their skill so it is about as much as your's but not their rank. They're called Cutters because they cut their skill.

So they will probably have much better armour and weaponry than you, this gives them the upper hand in a deathmach.

defending against them is hard because they will most likely be better than you are.

So here's what you do:

Try to wait for the other person that is in the match to engage the Cutter. then you can join in. Chances are that the other person will realize what you are doing and won't shoot you. Try to get the Cutter in the middle of you so he can't shoot you both at once. Chances are in your favour. Also if you have a bullet weapon like the ripper you will be able to register head shots. Head shots double the amount of damage you deal, this will give you quick kills. Always go for the fastest kills while versing Cutters because long 1 on 1 fights will usually only help them.

Another way is to use power-ups!!! Don't be afraid to abuse them. Health Recharges are usually most useful in these situations. It will boost your health and will keep you alive to attack for longer time. Berserker Shields will help to because it protects and can attack too. It is best to have a speedy armour like the infiltrator so you can shield bash quickly. Always go for power-ups no matter which one it is! The jet pack unlike many people say can still be useful. It can help you get to sniping spots and even help you make an escape. Many people say to camp at a time like this, I disagree. Camping leaves you very open to attack. Also try to keep the power -ups away from your opponent because if it can help you it can help him.

Lastly, sniping is a great way to attack Cutters. If you wish to snipe simply go to whitesnipe's guide to sniping. While sniping it is best to hog the cloaking power-up because it will be harder to see you. I being a sniper myself do not advice that you use a vaporizer because it will give away your location.

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