An effective article abould how to use the Devastator Pro effectively, by PSPKyle 03:08, July 16, 2010 (UTC)


This weapon was meant for "devastating" damage at close range. Most people call this technique "gangraping" because the amount of antimatter charging at them. To do this technique, make someone shoot at you while walking backwards. Keep dodging their fire and follow them. Once they hit a wall, they will panic and attempt to run. They will most likely hit a corner. This is your moment of power, the only time where you are superior to them. Unload a whole clip into their torso until dead. 90% of the time this will "devastate" any opposing forces.


This technique was born when the Menacer Pro was released. People would randomally fire in all general directions towards the enemy and most likely get a kill. This can also be used with the Devastator because of it's high rate of fire and mediocre damage.


This technique is also called "Circle Strafing". This technique originates from the online game named "Team Fortress 2". To do this, simply circle repeatedly around your enemy while firing at him. They will be disoriented and most likely die.


To "travel" is to shoot in front of your target, most frequently used by Vaporizer users. Travelling will be necessary for this weapon because of the slow movement of the ammunition. Using this technique is a very simple one that even the worst players can succeed at.


Rushing is to run straight toward your enemy while firing at them. Be careful though, it has been rumored that the Infiltrator can run into his own blasts.


If you run head on with a random player and don't know what to do, always use these methods.

1. 'IF HE HAS AN INACCURATE WEAPON: Shoot at him while strafing backwards.

2. IF HE HAS AN ACCURATE WEAPON: Circle-strafe him while firing at his chest until dead.

3. IF YOU ARE KILLED: Do not seek for "revenge". He will only be stronger from the health recharge and you have a smaller chance of winning then before.