Hurricane Pro
The Hurricane Pro.

Game description

"Next Generation of Arsenal Weaponry". "Unleash a Cyclone of Bullets".


4300 Credits

Rank required




The Hurricane Pro is a weapon for Eliminate, released on March 11th. It was first advertised in a banner on the main menu on March 8, 2010, advertising itself as the "next generation of Arsenal weaponry", and it will "unleash a cyclone of bullets".[1] Described in game as "Ultra-lethal tapered munitions delivered via high-speed Gatling cycles". Has an extremely high rate of fire and creates a loud noise like that of a real Gatling gun. This weapon will also register headshots. The closer you are to your opponent, the better this gun works. Although extremely lethal at close-range, this gun will also work well mid-range. The reason this gun works better the shorter the distance is because the Hurricane fires so fast, the shots travel in a slightly scattered pattern. This gun works extremely well for those who do not have pin-point accuracy and helps against fast-moving opponents trying to dodge the bullets. This weapon can be extremely powerful but not many elite players know it. A good hurricane user can get themselves to over 9k skill and beat mag rail and ripper users. Since pros don't know the potential of a hurricane, you will not be their priority target when they are surrounded, giving you a chance to kill them. This weapon is really useful in backstabbing. The hurricane is really effective on tankers as they are big and slow allowing more bullets to hit them. At close ranges, the hurricane can kill faster than magrail

Periodically available in Pro and Jr versions. Requires rank 55 and costs 4300 credits.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

Features \ Upgrade Base 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Max
Damage/cost/rank +10

+11[735c] (57)

+12[790c] (62) +13[840c] (67) +14[880c] (72) +15[915c] (77) +16[??c] (82) +17[??c] (87) +18[??c] (92) +19[??c] (97)
Clip size/cost/rank 90 94[735c] (58) 98[790c] (63) 102[840c] (68) 106[880c] (73) 110[915c] (78) 114[??c] (83) 118[??c] (88) 122[??c] (93) 126/[??c] (94)
Rate of Fire/cost/rank L10 L11[550c] (56) L12[590c] (61)

L13[625c] (66)

L14[660c] (71) L15[695c] (76) L16[??c] (81) L17[??c] (86) L18[??c] (91) L19[??c] (96)
Zoom/cost/rank L10 L11[550c] (59) L12[590c] (64) L13[625c] (69)

L14[660c] (74)

L15[??c] (79) L16[??c] (84) L17[??c] (89) L18[??c] (94) L19[??c] (99)
Reload/cost/rank L10 L11[550c] (60) L12[590c] 65) L13[625c] (70) L14[660c] (75) L15[695c] (80) L16[??c] (85) L17[??c] (90) L18[??c] (95) L19[??c] (100)

References Edit

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