Infantry in Blood Plating

Game Description

Standard deployment armor for assault infantry with maximum shield upgrade capacity. +DEF -SPD


+Shielding, (+Targeting), (+Jump), -Speed



Rank required


Infantry 2


The Infantry armor compared to the Assault amor is quite debatable. Assault trades the Infantry's jump for a slightly higher targeting stat, however, the Assault is also slower in speed despite both speed stats being the same.

The Infantry has become more prominent since the introduction of the Menacer for the higher shielding. It has the second highest shielding stat in the game, alongside the Assault and behind the Tanker. And of course to balance this out there is a decrease in mobility. However, this decrease in mobility is only in speed (and in turn aquatics) while it's jump stat is actually above average. It also has a adequate targeting stat of +16 (+14 for Airbornes) when fully upgraded.

The improved shielding stat makes it a more viable choice for weapons that have splash damage because the harm will be minimal so close range situations will not be an issue. Close range weapons (Hurricane, Plasma Cannon/Dual Cannon) themselves are not very recommended as the decrease in speed means you will not be able to get up close quickly or even chase players. The shielding does however make it more suitable for camping, although be wary that catching players with a Beserker Shield may not be very successful. A Gravity Hook is very recommended (although it is for any armor) to make up for the decrease in mobility (and help shield bash), travel through water and reach places without the aid of a Jetpack.

A Sprinter mod or other speed increasing mod is very recommended to compensate for the speed, a setup of higher skilled players that helps to combat the Menacer. Although the increased shielding makes it easier to survive, the decrease in speed does mean you will be susceptible to attacks still. Grabbing the Acceleration powerup is also an acceptable trade, but a Health Recharge or Damage Amplifier would be more useful.Best way to combat the Menacer is to upgrade your jump stat so that you can "jump" over the orbs.


  • Using a sprint mod will essentially make you faster than an airborn without a speed mod.
  • If you don't have a speed increasing mod on, grabbing Acceleration is a good choice.
  • Use the jump stat to your advantage, experiment where you can jump to from where as players do not expect others to jump much.
  • A Gravity Hook is a very viable secondary weapon to make up for the decrease in mobility and to also get away from Beserker Shields.


Base L1 / Cost L2 / Cost L3/ Cost L4 / Cost L5 / Cost L6 / Cost L7 / Cost L8 / Cost L9 / Cost
Shielding +7 85c 180c 275c 365c 475c 515c 555c 580c +37 700c
Targeting +3 50c 100c 130c 195c 280c 345c 390c 415c +16 500c
Speed +6 50c 100c 130c 195c 280c 345c 390c 415c +23 500c
Jump +13 50c 100c 130c 195c 280c 345c 390c 415c +64 500c
Aquatics +3 32c 60c 85c 115c 160c 190c 220c 235c +31 350c
Powerup +2 50c 10c 130c 195c 280c 345c 390c 415c +16 500c

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