Loot is dropped by felled battle drones in Co-op mode. Loot can come in the form of credits, powercells, and prototypes.

Item cases Edit

If an item case is grayed out, your partner killed the battle drone and you cannot obtain the loot. This does not happen when credits or powercells are dropped.

If you pick up an item case for an item that you already have, you will not obtain a second one.

There are three tiers of cases; common, rare, and ultra-rare.

Common case Edit

Icon loot common

The common case appears the most often. They usually contain:

  • Prototype Skins (4 uses before expiration) such as: Tribal, Bullseye, Tiedye, 8bit, Paradise, etc(please add if you know more)
  • Modifications (2 uses before expiration): AquaSpeed 5.2, Punisher 5.2, Protector 5.2, Sprinter 5.2, Jumper 5.2, Cloaker 5.2, Energizer 5.2
  • Prototype Weapons and Armors (2 uses before expiration): any prototype weapon or armor at your level.

Rare CaseEdit

Icon loot rare

The rare case appears somewhat often. They usually contain:

  • Modifications (6 to 8 uses before expiration - may also get 7.16 mods, which have 16 uses): Aqua Speed 7.6, Punisher 7.6, Protector 7.6, Sprinter 7.6, Jumper 7.6, Cloaker 7.6, Energizer 7.6,Jumper 7.16, Swift Cloaker 7.8, Anti-grav Sprinter S+ 7.8, Unseen Protector 7.8
  • Armor or weapon prototype (6 to 8 matches before expiration): tends to be the weapon/armor the drone carried before you killed him
  • Permanent Skins (not limited by 'uses'): Seems to be any skin that is available in the shop (Blood Plating, Gold Plating, Aqua, Midnight, Diamond Polish)

Ultra-Rare CaseEdit

Icon loot ultrarare

Ultra-rare cases usually carry permanent armors and weapons(e.g. Mag-Rail Pro, Devestator Pro,Titan Pro, Mag-Rail Jr, Devastator Jr,Titan Jr, Airborne), and super modifications (e.g. Arsenal Utility, 371, or Armed Fortifier 8.8) or permanent platings such as Elite. Again, the weapon you get will depend on your current level and both the weapon and armor you get will not be upgraded. And thats just plain stupid.

Other loot itemsEdit

Icon loot powercells

Credits and powercells often appear as loot as well. Picking them up gives one of the respective item. Powercells are rare and often come as one or two (three if you're lucky) powercell(s) per drop.

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