Mag-Rail Pro in inventory - Cost is 3910 Credits

Requires rank 55 and costs 3910 credits.

PRO SERIES: High caliber rail slugs deployed through heavy automatic firing mechanism. Built from maxed out Mag-Rail Jr. Upgradeable.

The Mag-rail Pro is an extension of the Mag-rail Jr., being upgradeable to L19. It takes on the appearance of the Auto Rifle and is faster firing than the Mag-rail Proto, but deals less damage (the Mag-rail Proto has a higher damage stat than it says) per shot. Compared to the Auto Rifle, it fires slower (but reaches the same rate of fire with more upgrades) but as Pro weapons are, it is also stronger by far. It has taken over the Vaporizer as the weapon of choice for the highly skilled players.

It is quite a versatile weapon, being effective and accurate at any range and also has a large ammo capacity, which coupled with it's rate of fire and stopping power, is able to freeze players on the spot at any distance if you are able to hit them. Players pinned to a wall are less of a threat and can be dealt with quickly and it also helps to stop being shield bashed by a player with the Beserker Shield active.

Just like the Auto Rifle it is able to score headshots, and taking into account the damage and rate of fire of this weapon, makes it deadly. Although, without headshots, the damage dealt by this weapon is relatively low compared to others.


  • The only thing you need with this gun is headshots!
  • If you have great aim and hit the head constantly, it can become a killing machine and own the other weapons.
  • It can take anywhere from 3 - 5 headshots with this gun (not a lot considering the rate of fire) to eliminate a player depending on the level of upgrades. This goes down to 2 - 3 if you have a damage amp active, making the gun even more deadly than it already is.
  • There are no specific combinations for this weapon as it is suitable with any armor but generally it is best to have an armor with a high targeting stat such as the Infiltrator or Sniper to reduce the number of headshots required to kill a player. It is effective in any map; all you need is headshots.
  • With upgraded rate of fire, this is the deadliest weapon in the game paired with Infiltrator. Infiltrator has the speed you need to chase or run away while giving you TS to gun down your opponent. The damage is fairly small but is made up with fast firing rate.
  • Before purchasing this weapon,you may want to consider trying the Mag-Rail Proto. For experienced players that are familiar with the Infiltrator/Gravhook/Magrail set, the choice entirely depends on preference. That said, the Mag-Rail Pro is the more economic choice; power players will mostly still use Protos.


Base L11 / Cost L12 / Cost L13 / Cost L14 / Cost L15 / Cost L16 / Cost L17 / Cost L18 / Cost L19 / Cost
Damage 14 15 (lvl 57) 735c 16 (lvl 62) 790c 17 (lvl 67) 840c 18 (lvl 72) 880c 19 (lvl 77) 915c 20 (lvl 82) 945c 21 (lvl 87) ___c 22 (lvl 92) ___c 23 (lvl 97) ___c
Ammo 40 42 (lvl 58) 550c 44 (lvl 63) 590c 46 (lvl 68) 625c 48 (lvl 73) 660c 50 (lvl 78) 695c 52 (lvl 83) 730c 54 (lvl 88) ___c 56 (lvl 93) ___c 58 (lvl 98) ___c
Rate of Fire L10 L11 (lvl 56) 735c L12 (lvl 62) 790c L13 (lvl 66) 840c L14 (lvl 71) 880c L15 (lvl 76) 915c L16 (lvl 82) 945c L17 (lvl 86) ___c L18 (lvl 92) ___c L19 (lvl 96) ___c
Zoom L10 L11 (lvl 59) 550c L12 (lvl 64) 590c L13 (lvl 69) 625c L14 (lvl 74) 660c L15 (lvl 79) 695c L16 (lvl 84) 730c L17 (lvl 89) ___c L18 (lvl 94) ___c L19 (lvl 99) ___c
Reload L10 L11 (lvl 60) 550c L12 (lvl 65) 590c L13 (lvl 70) 625c L14 (lvl 75) 660c L15 (lvl 80) 695c L16 (lvl 85 730c L17 (lvl 90) ___c L18 (lvl 95) ___c L19 (lvl 100) ___c