This is a tutorial on how to learn and use the Oddball Technique, by PSPKyle 23:38, July 16, 2010 (UTC)


This technique is experimental, and has not been tested against weak opponents.


If you use this technique, put your name here!

- PSPKyle

- ShadowNinja970/no0name106/Kung-Lao (all of my accs)

- Bondzox


-Calypto (Calyptinator)





I will now follow you through the steps.

The game has started. You encounter your first enemy. He is an Assault wielding a HellFire, so you jump directly over him and get a direct headshot. You repeat until he is defeated. You sprint around a map. A player ambushes you and you are low on health. You run towards him, jump to his left and spin rapidly. Once you hit the ground, run towards the weakest enemy or the nearest powerup. You are cornered by an Antimatter Jet, so you run beside the wall, look at the enemy, jump towards him then directly hit him. Someone with a Ripper snipes your torso and you are low on health. Now you must obtain the nearest powerup and run towards him, quickly walk backwards then jump. It will confuse him because it will look like your running foward but you are jumping backward, giving the perfect time to get a clean shot on him. And if all else fails... 1. IF HE HAS AN INACCURATE WEAPON: Shoot at him while strafing backwards. 2. IF HE HAS AN ACCURATE WEAPON: Circle-strafe him while firing at his chest until dead. 3: IF YOU ARE KILLED: Do not seek for "revenge". He will only be stronger from the health recharge and you have a smaller chance of winning then before.