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Offline mode is a game mode resembling Deathmatch mode in which players practice against non-human CPU enemies. This mode can be accessed at any time, but is recommended for beginners and players wanting to try out new gear. Because the player is offline, energy is not deducted, prototype gear will not expire, skill is unaffected, and credits will not be rewarded.


Offline mode can be accessed by selecting "PLAY" from the main menu, then selecting "BOTS". A message will appear, informing you of the restrictions of offline mode, and you will then be prompted to select a stage. After choosing a stage, the battle will begin momentarily.

Rules Edit

Offline mode is played using the same ruleset as Deathmatch, where opponents must battle until a player scores 10 kills or the 5 minute limit is reached. The match will also end if the human player pauses the game and selects "QUIT". At the end of a match, a tally of each player's kills will be displayed. Unlike online Deathmatch, skill will not be deducted if the human player forfeits.