Default Options

There are a number of options that players can change in Eliminate.

Options Edit

Look Sensitivity Edit

Changes how sensitive the touch screen is (how fast the screen turns) to aiming your weapon. Left is less sensitive, right is more sensitive.

Auto-Fire Edit

If on, shoots automatically when the crosshair is pointed at an enemy. If off, you must tap to shoot manually.

Left-Handed Edit

Puts movement on the right side of the screen and aiming on the left, mirroring normal controls.

Invert Controls Edit

Moving your finger to aim a weapon will aim in the opposite direction. Does not apply to movement.

Look Momentum Edit

Turning this off disables aim inertia for more precise look/aim control.

Tap Center To Zoom Edit

When you tap the center, your weapon will zoom. (Upgrade your weapons for better zoom if you use this.)

Show Direction Pads Edit

Shows the circular on-screen control pad for movement. If off, movement works the same except you won't see the circles.

Information Edit

Credits Edit

Who made the game.

Intro Edit

Introduction training video.

Controls Edit

Controls training video.

Plus+ Buttons Edit

Awards Edit

Your Eliminate Pro awards on Plus+.

Leaderboards Edit

Global and friends rankings on Plus+, including your own ranks.