Armor ProtosEdit

The Prototype Armors are capable of being upgraded beyond what the permanent armors are capable of. In the early ranks (1-50) they are pretty much a waste of credits. It is much better to buy and upgrade one armor. Higher level prototypes are unlocked as you gain ranks. Most armor protos go till X version, and then disappear from the store forever (Which would be around rank 50) except the Tanker, Airborne, Sentry and Infantry armors, which stay in the armoury untill version XII and then disappear.

  • Please note that Prototype armors have stats greater than a players current level may allow. This may explain why some people may have superior armor in a match.
  • Prototype armors are upgraded all-around one level less than what your current level allows (for example, if you could upgrade the armor fully 4 times before you need a higher rank, the prototype for your level would be upgraded 3 times), but its advantages are upgraded 3 levels more than what your current rank allows (if you could upgrade the airborne 4 times, its jump would be upgraded 7 times).
  • The Assault and Sentry Prototypes are special, as they upgrade two stats 2 times more than what your original rank allows. These stats are Defense and Targeting (Assault) and Cloaking and Targeting (Sentry).

Prototypes last 8 or 16 matches, depending on which version you buy. Both versions will offer the same upgrades, but the 16-game gives a higher durability for about 100 extra credits. Only the 16-game version is available for Prototypes XI-XII.

  • As you advance in rank, previous armor protos will disappear; the last ones remaining will be Tanker, Sentry, Infantry, and Airborne Proto XII, and those will disappear at rank 78(no source).


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Proto NameRequirementsShieldingTargetingSpeedJumpAquaticsCloakingPowerUp
Airborne Proto IXrank 482714359243016
Airborne Proto Xrank 56ShieldingTargetingSpeedJumpAquatics0PowerUp
Sentry Proto XIIrank 6835233467382516
Offworlder Proto IXRequirements32Enhanced126827016
Infantry Proto IXrank 534016236431016
Infantry Proto Xrank 594117246533020
Proto NameRequirementsShieldingTargetingSpeedJumpAquaticsCloakingPowerUp
Proto NameRequirementsShieldingTargetingSpeedJumpAquaticsCloakingPowerUp
Proto NameRequirementsShieldingTargetingSpeedJumpAquaticsCloakingPowerUp

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