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January 27, 2010

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The Rig facility was derived from a popular UGW Marine facility, It was adopted by Arsenal Megacorp to test the effectiveness of testers in a situation against Marines. [1]


Rig has a total of 4 floors. The main floor is wide open and is where combat usually takes place. There are passage ways on the main floor that will take you to the radioactive liquid basements that have lifts to higher floors. The basic strategy for a this stage is to not expose yourself, due to possibility of snipers, so generally stay out of the middle, unless absolutely necessary. It is not recommended, if ever, to go through waterways due to the drastic decrease in speed once in the water, as well as a fan-like device that will kill you upon contact. The best method to reach higher ground is to go for the Jet Pack on the main floor to reach your desired spot on the map. This powerup is particularly important if your do not have a Gravity Hook to get the Berserker Shield on the ceiling of the stage. Take caution due to the possibility of Berserkers dropping from the top of the map.


Rig is widely received as the decent map by the more experienced players. Containing one of each powerup (barring the Health Boost and acceleration, which has 2), it is a well balanced map with many sniping spots and chances for close ranged combat. In addition the Berserker Shield, widely regarded as overpowered, is hard to camp, offsetting its imbalance


Camping in general is a cheap way to win a match but sometimes it can be effective. Their is only one logical spot to camp and that is in the little tiny room above the beserker shield. When the shield rewpawns, just jump down the hole and get the shield. Than you can chase people on the main floor. Due to the fact that all 3 exits off the main floor go through water, you can usually catch up to your opponent.

  • Note: when standing in the small room above the sheild be sure to watch the lift up to the room. Opponents can come up the lift and catch you off guard.
  • This is probably the safest map to camp on, the second best is lift, due to the fact you are surrounded by 3 walls.
  • Another cautionary step to camping the small box is to constantly stand on the lift. Though you will encounter a person with a gravity hook, you can still catch many off-guard and are able to shoot down the lift into anyone who is trying to access your box.

Sniper Shelf accessible through the window of the higher window. (Photo taken from the Jet Pack).Sniper Shelf

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