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Rocket Launcher AP Pro

PRO SERIES: The High-level continuation of the Rocket Launcher AP Jr. Annihilation included. Upgradeable. Eleven recruits are needed to get this weapon. This variant of the Rocket Launcher is more closely related to the original than the Titan series. It has rapid firing, fast travelling and (relatively) weak rockets compared to the slow, more powerful Titan Pro. A solid weapon that can be used in a couple of ways. With its fast firing rate to snipe a standing oponent will kill them instantly, even if they have Tanker. This weapon is not good for close combat due the slow reload rate, people with slightly faster weapons can gun you down first.This is recommended for pro players who like to have alot of ammo and chance of hitting, upgrade the damage.

The AP Pro is a rare weapon. Many players do not recruit at all, despite the obvious benefits of a Pro weapon being available at Rank 1. There are certain workarounds to cheat the recruitment process, many of which are complicated and inconvenient and unappealing to the average player. The sheer advantage of a >Rank 50 weapon at the early ranks makes the recruitment drive worth all the while, however.

In recognizing AP Jr.s and Pros, pay attention to how fast the rockets are. Get a good look at your opponent to verify that it is a Rocket Launcher and not a Stinger; it will fire at similar speeds as the Stinger.

Base StatsEdit

Damage: 38

Warheads: 5 Warheads

Rate of Fire: LvL 10

Zoom: LvL 10

Reload: LvL 10

Cost For First UpgradeEdit

Damage: 735c

Ammo Rack: 550c

Rate of Fire: 735c

Zoom: 550c

Reload: 550c

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