The loading screen for Runoff.

Release date

December 19, 2009

Playable in


Acceleration powerups


Berserker Shields


Cloaking Fields


Damage Amplifiers


Health Recharges


Jet Packs


Runoff was added on December 19, 2009 via an in app update.[1] This map has three main levels. The lowest consists of underwater passageways which hold a Damage Amplifier , Cloaking Field and a Health Recharge. The front half of this section is a large rectangular box filled with water which ebbs away at your health (after you run out of breath). There is an elevator here which will bring you to the middle section. The middle level has entrances to the water-filled passageways, and there is a Berserker Shield in the back half. There is also a bridge at the front of the level which will bring you to the third level. There is also an elevator which will bring you there at the back half of this section. The third level has a window for snipers that looks over part of the middle level. This level has a Damage Amplifier directly across from the sniper window. Next the the Damage Amplifier is a small ledge which you can use to cross to the other half of this level where there is a Health Recharge.

Strategy Edit

Be careful not to fall in or get blasted into the water. If you do try to get out quickly, because you are an easy target in the water, so carrying a Gravity Hook is a good idea.

The main room is a great place for sniping and Gravity Hooks due to its size. Unfortunately, most of the action in the map is in the smaller multi-level area.

References Edit

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