Rushing and Camping are two tactics that may seem somewhat hard to use together, but they are actually quite usefull together. Used correctly, a player can easily score the 10 kill limit and earn upwards of 80 credits every game. However, this tactic can be ineffective against tankers with a good, long range weapon (Vaporizer, Rocket Launcher, Hellfire Pro). Against most, it is one of the best ways to combat quick foes.

Immediatley as the match starts, head for the most powerful powerup on the map such as the Berserker Sheild or the Damage Amplifier (camping by a health recharge is inadvisable, as players killed always drop one) and use this to get your initial kill. now unlike traditional camping, where you stay and guard that one power-up; go on the offensive: chase after another player. But don't chase too far or you might lose your power-up to another player. Lift is a good map for this tactic, as the Berserker Sheild and Damage Amplifier are close by. In a four player match, using those two power-ups and collecing Health regens from your kills can make you a very tough target to kill.

Most player suggest rushing using light armor, like Infiltrator or Sniper. I personally would suggest using Infantry armor, or even better, Assault. You will be slower, but the better sheilding will allow you to take more damage. and when camping over power-ups, you will surely be fighting throughout the entire match. A good idea for Camping/Rushing Technique, in terms of weapons, is a long-range high damage weapon (Rocket Launcher Hellfire Pro), and a close range, fast firing pummeler (Hurricane Pro, Mag-Rail Pro) for lower-levelled players, the Junior versions will work the same way in even matches.