Stinger Jr

Game description

Tactical high speed photonic propulsion rockets fired from a self-cooling rotational chamber. Upgradeable.

Rank required





Rocket Launcher, Titan, Hellfire

The Stinger is a different type of gun to the explosives range, drawing away from the the basics of rockets. The design is closely similar to that of the Hellfires, but it still fires rockets rather than grenades.

All in all, the Stinger isn't a very successful addition to the explosives line of guns. The rockets it fires move much faster than that of the normal Rocket Launcher's, but at the cost of power and splash. They pack less power than the basic Rocket Launcher and also feature a tiny splash radius and miniscule amount of splash damage with barely any knockback. This of course means that you are unable to rely on splash damage and must get direct hits, made slightly easier by the speed of the rockets. It is also safer to use up close as there is barely any splash to worry about.

The Stinger Jr comes with a relatively high clip size for an explosive weapon, packing 4 rockets per clip to begin compared to the Rocket Launcher's 2 rockets. It is also features a moderate rate of fire although less than that of the Rocket Launcher, and the reload is moderate too. Although, this does not compensate for the lack of damage and requirement of direct hits.

As it fires projectiles, getting a direct hit can be a difficult task, making the gun even less attractive. Your aim must always be ahead of the target, with the gap increasing over distance. Up close, it is fine to shoot directly at players but it is recommended you fire a fraction to their sides to ensure a hit if they strafe. Despite the speed of the rockets, the Stinger isn't very handy past mid-range and is better served between short and mid ranges.

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