The three types of play in Eliminate.

In Eliminate Pro there are three types of play: World, Friend, and Bots. The first two are online, where the last is offline.

The goal in each of these games is to be the first to 10 kills; it is a free-for-all deathmatch.

World Edit

Currently Available Game Modes

World mode allows you to enter a match with 2 to 4 random players around the world. The matchmaking service matches you up with players of a similar skill level. In this mode, you spend energy but can earn credits if your suit is energized.

Connecting with opponents is slightly slower without energy.

Matchmaking is extremely slow when you have a high rank/skill (~15 seconds.) Strangely, if you'e at such a level of play, playing without energy connects to a game much faster (~6 seconds) as the matchmaking system is more lenient of who you get matched with.

Friends Edit

Like the World mode, a friend match spends energy but you can win credits. You can play with your friends on Plus+ (click the "Add Friends" button to add them). In the lobby, you can click "Invite" to invite your friends to a game and play.

You can have more than 4 players in a Friends match, where you cannot in a World match.

Status ColorsEdit

When in the friend lobby you will see a status color next to each of your Eliminate friends.

  • Green means online or in lobby.
  • Blue means that player is in your party.
  • Yellow means an invitation to play has been sent.
  • Red means offline. You can still invite friends that are offline; they will receive a push notification.

Bots Edit

Bot mode is completely offline. In this mode, players do not gain credits but they do not lose energy. Players can use this mode to explore maps and practice, or simply to play if they do not have internet access.

While you can use weapons and armors that you have equipped, upgrades take no effect in Bot mode. This however, does not apply to prototype weapons and armors, as their base stats are already upgraded.