Hey guys, !-!ammurabi here. I just dived in to the Application files for Eliminate and planned to post anything interesting I found on whatever page was most related, but I’ve turned up so much stuff I think it warrants its own article. These files could be cut content, or (more interestingly) they may be future content that ngmoco hasn’t released yet. Only time will tell...


Most interesting of my findings first: there’s a completely unused weapon referenced in the games files. Meet the Mass Cannon: it looks most like a Plasma Cannon to me, but only the developers know how this thing works. There are store images for both Standard and Prototype versions, take a look:

Store masscannon

Mass Cannon

Store masscannon prototype

Mass Cannon Proto

Also in the store images are Prototypes of the Vaporizer, Rocket Launcher, and most interestingly the Gravity Hook. These will probably be released as Protos in the future. Its imaginable how easily the Rocket or Vaporizer could be changed, but how could the Hook be modified?

Store gravity prototype

Proto Gravity Hook

Store rocketlauncher prototype

Proto Rocket Launcher

Store vaporizer prototype

Proto Vaporizer

I just found the use for these two alternate Rocket Models; they’re the new rocket awarded for recruiting people to Eliminate. There’s no page on the wiki, however, so ill go ahead and post them here so they can be used when the page is made.

Store hyperrocketjr

Jr Version

Store hyperrocketpro

Pro Version


I couldn’t turn up much on the Armor front. First is a store picture of the standard. Due to the fact that the background isn’t even put in it, my guess was at the very beginning of development the standard was going to be buyable, but it was decided to be given to everyone and the image never got finished or deleted

Store standard

The interesting piece here is this. It’s a “Pro” version of the new Offworlder armor, which makes it the first and only Pro armor.

Store offworlder pro

And finally this seems to be a goof on the part of the developers. It’s an icon for the “Ammo” stat of ARMOR. Even though the logical side of me says goof, the fanboy side is praying for armor with attached weapons in the future XD

Store stat armor ammo


Mods, Mods, Mods! Eight new ones are on the way! Im not even gonna try to list these, check out the pics below, and note they all boost more than one stat!

Mod antigravsprinters
Mod armedfortifier
Mod arsenalmod371
Mod defensespeedjump
Mod speeddefense
Mod speedjumpswimspeed
Mod targetingpowerup
Mod unseenprotector


Is everyone as stoked for co-op as I am? I was going crazy with the lack of intel on this new mode, so I completely flipped when I found these beauties:

Map junction coop
Map annex coop
Junction Coop Loading
Annex Coop Loading
Survive1 Loading
Survive reverse Loading


And finally, anyone know what this is? It was randomly in the files lol

File:DaveG tiny.png
Thanks for letting us know. I went ahead and deleted the file as it seemed redundant and had nothing linking to it. - Regards, Gaelen S.Talk Contribs 06:48, March 10, 2010 (UTC)