The Vaporizer

In-game description

Internal quantum generator charges a sustained high-energy beam to rapidly incinerate targets. Upgradeable.



Rank required



None (yet), possibly the Saber

Formerly the most powerful and last obtainable gun in the game before the introduction of the Pro series weapons.
The Vaporizer is not a gun to be treated easily. Although it's rate of fire has been reduced slightly, it's deadly power remains - being able to fry opponents in 2 - 3 shots. It is easily noticeable in battle, firing a red beam that ranges infinitely and the front of the weapon itself also glows. It has a relatively small clip size of 6 beams before having to reload but the beams come out in a stream so you will have enough time to "slice" (although for less damage) a player if you miss.

This weapon is quite a challenge to use effectively though. It's accuracy isn't exactly perfect and requires good aiming as it has charging lag before firing, requiring a user to aim slightly ahead of a player to hit them. How much ahead would differ by equipment of the opponent but generally just as close to the opponent without the cursor going red. An extra note is that killing a player with a Vaporizer will make their body disappear and looting impossible.

This is a great gun to use in co-op because of it's power and the slow movement of drones. It generally takes 2 full beams to kill a drone and 3 for a boss. You are unable to loot enemies so using this gun in co-op isn't a worry. The vaporizer beam also travels straight through opponents, so it is possible to damage or take out multiple targets in one shot.


Practice, and lots of it.

There are no general strategies to this gun, it is reliant on your aiming as it hits any body part for the same amount of damage. Keep in mind to aim just ahead of your opponent (most of the time) to the point where your cursor isn't red or slice them by waving your cursor from side to side on them if you think you'll miss.
Close quarters combat can be quite difficult as keeping your reticule on your opponent can be quite hard in addition to aiming ahead of them.

For co-op you only need to aim a fraction ahead of enemies to hit them as the drones move to slowly anyway. Bosses have a tendency to get stuck on corners or running along walls, you can aim directly at them for hits if that happens.


Base L1 / Cost L2 / Cost L3 / Cost L4 / Cost L5 / Cost L6 / Cost L7 / Cost L8 / Cost L9 / Cost
Damage +45 +48 85c +51 180c +53 275c +55 365c +57 475c +59 515c +60 555c +61 580c +62 700
Capacitors 3 3 50c 3 100c 4 130c 4 195c 4 5 5 390c 5 6 500
Rate of Fire L0 L1 85c L2 180c L3 275c L4 365c L5 475c L6 515c L7 555c L8 580c L9
Zoom L0 L1 50c L2 100c L3 130c L4 195c L5 L6 L7 390c L8 L9
Reload L0 L1 85c L2 180c L3 275c L4 365c L5 475c L6 515c L7 555c L8 580c L9

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